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"100 лучших новых книг для детей и подростков - 2018" в библиотеках Москвы

адреса библиотек, где вы можете найти книги из нашего каталога
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Программа летнего чтения
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Дневник мамы первоклассника
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Млодик И. Книга для неидеальных родителей, или Жизнь на свободную тему
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Международная выставка детской книги в Болонье
Как это было


Как это было




    MoscowCentral Children’s library by the name of A.P. Gaidar is one of the oldest specialised children's libraries in Moscow. It was founded in 1934 based on the collection of a famous Russian historian Vasiliy Osipovich Kluchevskiy's (1841-1911) personal library. In honour of his name the Reading-room was opened in Rogozhskaya Zastava district. 

 In 1965 the library was named by A.P. Gaidar (1904-1941), the author of such significant children books as "Школа" ("School", 1930), "Судьба барабанщика" ("Drummer's Fate", 1939), "Тимур и его команда"  ("Timur and his Squad ",1940) and of many others.

img 9509

At present Moscow Central Children's library by the name of A.P. Gaidar is situated in a picturesque historical part of Moscow on the Muhina Hill on the bank of the Moskva-river. Readers of this library are Moscow children and teenagers under 16 years, as well as teachers, parents and experts in the sphere of children's reading.

 The library is visited by 132000 readers. By the 1 of January 2008 the library fund contained 26000

0 volumes, 412 appelations of newspapers and magazines and 3124 such information repositories as CD, video- and audio-tapes.   

img 9511 1

 The lending-department and specialized reading-rooms are opened at readers' disposal as, for instance:

 Sitting-Room - various holidays are organized as well as meetings with famous writers, artists and actors. Teenagers go there to have a good time, watch DVDs or listen to music;

-  Room of Creative Work and Leisure-time - the lessons of different study groups and clubs take place here, various exhibitions are organized and the artists' studio has it's working hours;

img 9513 Information Room - there are lot of encyclopedic and inquiries editions. Readers go there to get the most versatile information in different fields of knowledge. Our library offers here free access to Internet, educational programs and games.

     During the long history of the library it was attended by a great number of readers; the peculiar atmosphere of openness, benevolence and intelligibility was created and supported here.     



img 9469
     Moscow Central Children’s library by the name of A.P. Gaidar carries out the methodical guidance of 162 Moscow children's libraries, it is also a creative laboratory, where various research programs and projects take place, also this library is the place where problems of children's reading and children's litterature are studied and where the experience of these investigations is generalised.
The library is situated:
Rostovskaya naberezhnaya,5
Tel./fax 8(499)248-64-64

Opening hours:
10.00-21.00 from Tuesday to Saturday
10.00-20.00 on Sundays
Monday is day off
Each last Tuesday of a month is day off.

Nadezhda Erikhman
Tel: 8 (499) 253-31-17

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